Pektaş İnşaat A.Ş. It was founded in Mersin in 1986 by Mazlum Pektaş. Over time, it became one of the leading construction companies producing mostly prestigious housing projects. At this point, it has reached the production capacity to build 30,000 m2 of qualified buildings per year.

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Architectural Plan


In architectural plans, in the cause of only building different structures, the aim should not be to build places, which make it difficult to use, with unnecessary and unused areas. Our main approach is to produce solutions that combine functionality and design. We would like to build our new project with the following features:

  • We can build more spacious areas higher than 2.65m height which is a storey height standard.
  • We can put high windows in our project for bright spaces.
  • Because of the importance of cabinets and other storage areas in our daily life we can create floor plans that offer maximum closet solutions.
  • We can create laundry and drying areas for laundry and drying, which causes difficulties in
  • home life. Thus, we can eliminate the visual pollution that affects negatively the aesthetics of the building.
  • We can solve visual pollution problem at the entrance with a larger cloakroom cabin that allows maximum storage, instead of a cloakroom closet.
  • We can provide spacious passage areas with different corridor solutions.
  • We can make the bedrooms more functional and more spacious with a clothes cabin.
  • We can make the project higher qualified and more valuable by comforting life with features such as parent bathroom.


In house plans, we make designs that capture general tastes in the common areas that compose the lobby and social life. We prefer to stay away from a number of architectural movements, unconventional colours that will disturb people, non-functional materials and designs just because it will be different. We aim to create an architectural plan on the exterior of the building, contributing the aesthetics of the environment in accordance with the urban texture. We target to build high visual quality designs with modern and aesthetic lines and increase the awareness of the project with night illumination of buildings.

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