Pektaş İnşaat A.Ş. It was founded in Mersin in 1986 by Mazlum Pektaş. Over time, it became one of the leading construction companies producing mostly prestigious housing projects. At this point, it has reached the production capacity to build 30,000 m2 of qualified buildings per year.

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Vision & Mission


Making a project should go far beyond giving new built spaces to the people who will live there and from a business perception that will provide financial benefit to the contractor. While providing living spaces that will serve the quality of life for a long time with a new project, the main goal should be to implement all components of the project in a high grade, functional, aesthetic quality and nature that will preserve its value for years. From the architectural details to the products used, from the functionality to the quality of workmanship, the environment and the aesthetics of the city should not be forgotten in the structures that will survive for more than 100 years.


Along with producing a high quality structure, it is necessary to carry out works that will make the project known in the city and make the project a brand. For this, advertising works should be performed using modern marketing communication methods and the desire to own a real estate from the project should be increased. With the end of the project and the beginning of life, the completion of the sales process is one of the most important factors that show that the project is successful and its value will increase for years.


Structural analysis is the most important component that determines both the security and architectural infrastructure of the building. False static analyses cause irreversible problematical areas in an architectural project. The difference and experience of Pektaş Construction will be demonstrated in the construction of a static and architectural project together with harmony and quality and without errors. A qualified and error-free static project is the most valuable basic feature of a structure. As to make a quality road is the main task of a municipality, so to execute the right static project for a building and to build the project without error is the main task of a contracting company. As Pektaş Construction, we will build the project that will provide the best solution for the structure by working with the highly experienced structural analysis project office.

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