Pektaş İnşaat A.Ş. It was founded in Mersin in 1986 by Mazlum Pektaş. Over time, it became one of the leading construction companies producing mostly prestigious housing projects. At this point, it has reached the production capacity to build 30,000 m2 of qualified buildings per year.

Contact Information

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Safety and Comfort


We create earthquake resistant structures by using the building technology facilities together with the right solutions.
We also aim to provide a peaceful life by ensuring additional security and infrastructure.
We would like to give information of projects about security with some of our applications below.

  • Fire hydrant pump systems independent from drinking water booster pumping system.
  • Electronic devices that detect leakage gas flow and cut off automatically.
  • Central hot water and central heating system to keep gas powered devices such as boiler, water heaters away from homes.
  • Smoke and heat detectors and systems that can detect fire and notify the security room.
  • Using the first aid button, electronic system infrastructure gives the signal to the information desk in a risky situation of a person staying at home alone.


We aim to improve the quality of life by making use of today’s construction and comfort technology products.

  • With the central garbage manhole, to prevent the apartment worker to disturbe the residents.
  • To ensure that goods can be transported easily by freight elevator.
  • To increase comfort by applying central hot water system which are used in hotels.
  • To produce furniture where hinges and rails with stoppers are applied.
  • To build waiting areas in lobbies and common living areas.
  • To prevent waiting at the entrance of the parking lot, with automatic plate reading.
  • To use 100% soundproof generator for all houses.
  • To provide a connection of the indoor car park with the buildings and to create comfortable transition areas in rainy and windy weather.
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